Technically, the image we have built up is that we are always a step ahead of the others. Vlastuin is a knowledge carrier in the field of:

  • high strength steel
  • cost price reduction by harmonisation of product innovation and process innovation 
  • logistical control of production
  • Lean ERP
  • wireless transport communication (AGR/GPS/GPRS)
  • calibrated vehicle weighing systems
  • vehicle electronics

High strength steel

The empty weight is very important in the transport sector in particular. There is also continuous demand for more options for keeping the weight of the machinery itself down when constructing cranes and lifting arms. To meet this requirement, Vlastuin has pioneered the use of high strength steel: lighter weights are possible when this material is used. Together with its customers, Vlastuin has now grown into a specialist. The highest quality we are currently certified to process is QSTT1200. We can cut, fold and bend, weld and machine these materials.

Cost price reduction by harmonisation of product innovation and process innovation

The best possible cost price is achieved when product and process fit together seamlessly. Because of the technological developments in the market, products need to be continuously redeveloped to fit in properly with the most modern production methods. By constantly communicating with our clients and by meticulously following market developments, we are able to offer the best possible price.

Logistical control of production

The point here is that we want to generate the largest possible output with as few financial resources as possible. This means that stocks must be kept low, that employees must not have to keep looking for things and that all materials are at the proper location 'just in time'. Over recent years, Vlastuin has successfully developed a unique production control system that allows employees to have a high degree of involvement and responsibility. As a result, we have managed to produce a lot with few resources. All developments within our company are aimed at improving this, as part of a continuous process.

Lean ERP

Lean and ERP: can these two go together at all? By definition, ERP is not lean, or so our experience tells us. The best computer system is always the one that you don't have yet. For years we have invested in an ERP system, integrating stocks, logistical control and production control and computerising as little as possible. The latest developments have taken Lean ERP to the Internet, allowing us to exchange data with our partners in a simple way.

Wireless transport communication (AGR/GPS/GPRS)

In the Netherlands all manure transport must be notified to the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality (LNV). This is done through GPS and GPRS communications. The addresses for loading and unloading are recorded along with the documents and the samples of the load. Together with VMA, Vlastuin has built up a strong position in this market by developing a simple and reliable electronic system and putting it on the market. The system contains in-vehicle electronics and software. The in-vehicle software can be easily maintained through the Internet. All the data is transparently available over the Internet. The data communications is fraud-proof and meet all the governmental authorities' communication guidelines.

Calibrated vehicle weighing systems

Calibrated weighing on a vehicle is a profession in itself. Vlastuin has mastered this skill. Nearly all manure transport vehicles that are delivered in the Netherlands are equipped with calibrated weighing systems. A large number of these vehicles are built, assembled and certified by Vlastuin. We are able and we have the knowledge to handle your complex weighing problems too. We see this as a challenge.