Vlastuin likes to help you think through the design of your products. If you want, we can handle the entire process, from product development to final assembly. We will make the best possible use of the knowledge and experience available within Vlastuin, as well as the knowledge available at our suppliers. We always aim to reduce the cost price by optimising the product or the production process.

Engineering stands out because of:

  • 3D-engineering (including SolidEdge)
  • production-driven
  • FEM strengthness calculation
  • responsible for complete products
  • electronics (GPS en GPRS registration)


  • development of prototype and production tools.  

Product management

  • product data management
  • product configuration
  • product variants

Cost price reduction

  • knowledge and feedback from production
  • knowledge and experience of sheet metal and casing
  • knowledge and experience of high stength steel
  • making use of the knowledge within our supply chain


  • design tools for production
  • production manipulators
  • transportations carts