The history of Vlastuin starts in 1959. In that year, Jan van Vlastuin - a technician and pioneer in heart and soul - founded a boiler-making works in Maarsbergen. Until the end of the Sixties, its main activities consisted of selling, installing, converting and repairing furnaces and boilers. But when the Dutch switched en masse to natural gas, the furnaces and stoves and boilers disappeared. This triggered our first steps towards wheeled machinery, such as garden and park carts, car transporters and vehicles on bogies for railway line construction and repairs. The harbours of Rotterdam, Antwerp and Hamburg experienced an explosive growth in those days. This led to explosive growth for Vlastuin Metaalconstructie too, as a supplier for construction companies specialising in railway lines and crane rails. The need to relocate really became urgent now and at the end of 1980 a new location was purchased in Kesteren and the first steps towards the world of metal components were made.

The Eighties

The new main activities included developing and producing metal components for e.g. truck manufacturing, trailer construction, agriculture and construction companies. In the years that followed, substantial investments were therefore made in the development and production of new semi-finished products. There was more room for high-quality equipment and highly skilled staff. The development of the VMA Tank Trailer was started in this period as well (as a result of a requests from customers). This tank trailer is ideal for transporting manure, sludge deposits and other solid and liquid products. It was specially designed for transport on by-roads and in farmyards.

The Nineties to the present day

To provide a more complete package of products and services, Vlastuin took over the Marver metalwork factory at the beginning of the Nineties to produce sheet metals and constructions. The D-TEC brand originates from that same period. It was the result of further development of the patented Combitrailer®. The Combitrailer was a unique concept, because it was a trailer that could be divided into two. This allowed loading or unloading of two twenty-foot containers at the same time. In 2008 Vlastuin also took over Vervat Staal, as the heavier and thicker sheet metalworking provided by that company was specialism that fitted in seamlessly with the requirements of our customers.